Welcome to WB Allen Arts!

      There are so many voices today, surrounding us, bombarding us with the message that the world is a cold, forlorn, hostile place.  Our health, our politics, the very planet itself is 

spiraling downward.  It’s easy to be overwhelmed; to be inundated with hopelessness, to see only the ugliness.  Though there is much truth in all this, I believe, without wearing the eyes of a Pollyanna, that there is still so much beauty in this world.  In recognizing this, I use watercolor, colored pencil and ink to record this beauty, thus to help heal myself and perhaps, if all goes well, bring a little healing to someone else.

      My art is inspired by moments of transient beauty, the colors of a fallen leaf caught in a spider web, a bumblebee plying her trade on a blooming flower, a bird briefly resting on a limb before moving on.  Places where beauty is perhaps unexpected, a butterfly on a battlefield, workers pausing in their daily tasks to exchange stories.  I have been given the gift of time to cultivate, in the words of singer, songwriter Darden Smith, “the habit of noticing”.  Everyone knows the value of the bird in hand, but I find a great, though fleeting value in the moment a bird spends in a bush. 

      This is the world I occupy; this is the world I want to share with you. After sharing my world, I hope the viewer is able to see more beauty in their own world.  If so, then I’ve met my goal