Angel Hunt

This past week there has been a bit of thawing in the deep freeze that is Iowa in February.  The warmer temps, the sunshine and thawing snow has to a certain extent served to rejuvenate people’s spirits.  Tuesday was predicted to be sunny and the warmest day of the week with temps in the mid-40’s so I decided it was a good day to go on a photo safari.

As many of you know, I am in the midst of the Better Angels series and therefore the main subject of the hunt was to be angel statues.  Since I had been to Woodland Cemetery several times, I decided to try Glendale Cemetery for a change.  I had only been there once and then only to check out the pond and its waterfowl.

As expected, the day was warm and sunny, a beautiful respite from the past months of winter.  The cemetery was full of people out for strolls, walking pets and generally enjoying the nice day.  Unfortunately, and a little surprisingly, I was not able to find any angels that would be suitable to be part of the series. 

I must have drove around the winding avenues for the better part of 30 minutes.  I then came to the realization that in my aimless wandering, I had become quite lost.  After another 15 minutes or so of further driving I was about to accept the fact that I would never find my way out and would have to find a hole to go lay down in and wait for my fate.  Thankfully I then I saw a road leading to the pond which I knew was near the exit.

However, when I got to the pond, it was teaming with Canadian geese and mallard ducks, all very near the road and seemingly completely unfazed by the passing of an artist nearby.  Therefore, though I couldn’t get any angel photos this day, I got my fill of waterfowl reference pics.

As always, keep doing what you love.  Drop me a word or two if you feel it.  See ya’ next week.