I’ve Dropped My Earrings!

Oh, round ‘bout a month ago I wrote that I was starting to make earrings as a new product.  Welp, I’ve released the first 8 pairs.  I’m selling them through this website and they have their own page.  Mosey on over and have a look if you’re of the mind.  I’m kinda proud of them.

Also, heard a bit ago that the upcoming Beginning Watercolor Class at Jester Park only has one more opening.  Being’s that tomorrow is the last day to register, if you want to join us on the 27th, and you’re waiting until the last minute, that last minute is almost here.  Here’s the link to the Jester Park calendar where you can register:  http://www.jesterparknaturecenter.com/calendar-events/calendar/

As always, be safe, keep doing what you love.  Drop me a word or two if you feel it.  See y’all next week.