Longtime No Blog

Longtime No Blog

Okay, so, how long’s it been anyway. Hmm…Holy socks! Twenty-three weeks since my last “weekly” blog! Bad artist! <smacks myself with a rolled-up newspaper> Ba-a-a-ad artist!  I had expected to miss occasionally, busy with upcoming shows or commissions, etc.; but talk about exceeding expectations!

In all seriousness, the past year and a half (plus) has been hard on all of us.  I guess this spring just kind of pushed me closer to an edge than I wanted to be.  My brother passed away in March and that just seemed to catalyze a shift internally for me.  I could paint just fine, but socially, I turned inward, and this included communication.  Creating original content for my social media became overwhelming.  Then the self-doubt got invited in.  Not really a great internal environment for creating interesting blog posts.

Well hopefully that is behind me for the time being.  Mama did teach me that there will always be days like this, as there are for everyone; but I guess I’ll muddle through the dim times until I see the sunshine again.  I hope you all will hang in there with me.

As for the blog; I do have a lot of topics planned for future posts.  A few examples of upcoming posts: A review of some exciting new inks I’m exploring, a recent trip to Cherokee, Iowa and the Loess Hills, my commissioning process, thoughts on framing watercolor paintings, plus the activities of my model extraordinaire Moses T. Katt and hard driving studio manager Lucy (when she decides to talk to me again).  Also, I’m always open to suggestions; so, if you are wondering about something art related (or not) ask!

As always, be safe and keep doing what you love.  Drop me a word or two anytime you feel it.  See y’all next week or the next week…or some week in the future.