Website Update Adventures!

 Wow what an experience.  This all started before Christmas as just a wish to change webhosts as SiteGround had gotten too expensive.  It will be simple they said, piece of cake they said, anybody can do it…they said.  Perhaps this was the same they who killed Kenny.  The auto transfer failed.  Then the site wouldn’t display.  Then it wasn’t mobile friendly.  Finally, I think I have a site that I think will work, though there are things I’d like to tweak yet.  Would this have been as difficult for an experienced web designer?  Most likely not, when it comes to the internets I’m more of a caveman in blue jeans.  But it is working enough.

I hope y’all like the new look.  Some of the pages have disappeared, namely the Heloise and Abelard page.  Someday they’ll return.  Heloise and her daemon have lots of adventures coming up.  I hope to blog more often, at least once a week.  We’ll see, I seem to have a bad habit of going into radio silence sometimes.  It’s nothing personal, just my inner voices drowning out my thoughts.

Well, I think I’ll sign off for now.  There will be several posts coming soon of new artwork.  Also curious to snoop around and see what this blog thingy looks like.  Feel free to drop me a line if you’re so moved, it might break up the covid isolation for both of us.  Take care.–Bill